Hauptbahnhof Limited
The digital revolution in the music industry provides tremendous opportunities; recording artists, composers and creatives in many other fields now have the power to reach and connect directly with their fans at a scale never seen before. 

In parallel, however, many have also observed their work become devalued - while use of their work has increased significantly, incomes have not, and despite the vast volumes of data being generated through consumers’ use of online services, there is limited transparency for artists and composers as to how their work is actually being used online. 

Embedded in a global partnership, Hauptbahnhof Limited intends to build a platform to transform digital licensing by enabling any owner of creative IP to secure the rights in their content, define rules for its exploitation and get paid when it is consumed – ultimately without the need for intermediaries. Thus, it will embrace author’s rights of creators and music publishers, as well as all related rights held by performers and record labels. 
Hauptbahnhof Limited has been registered in accordance with the Companies Act (1995) in the Republic of Malta by the Registrar of Companies on June 22, 2017 under Registration Number C81453.
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